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Be Seen Going Green



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March 23 :: Plant a Garden

Not only will working in a garden provide great exercise, but you’ll also reap the rewards of fresh, organically grown produce. If you’ve never had a garden, ask your friends who do: you will definitely eat more vegetables, without even trying. Furthermore, when you’re living closer to the earth you save on transportation costs. The food grown in your yard doesn’t need to be moved, and that saves large amounts of gas, plastic, and boxes.

There are many options for gardens. Container gardens are a great way to grow your own produce without taking up much space. Or you can work some plants into your regular landscape such as Rosemary, Basil and Lavender. The possibilities are endless.


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March 16 :: Sustainable Eating

Sustainable produce is a relatively new idea.  It gives shoppers interested in purchasing organic produce an alternative option at a lower cost, and sometimes a higher rate of availability.  According to the Food Alliance, sustainable produce (although not the same as organic produce) must meet the following criteria: Use a range of natural pest controls, Use the least toxic pesticides when natural methods don’t work; Improve soil by natural methods, such as crop rotation and cover crops; Protect clean drinking water and fish habitats by providing buffer zones in riparian areas; Provide wildlife habitat and encourage residency by growing some year round vegetative cover for shelter and food; Take into consideration quality of life issues for their farm workers and their communities when making daily farm management decisions; Continually improve their farming practices to make them more environmentally sound, socially just, and economically viable.

There are several resources for buying organic or sustainable. Almost all of the supermarkets in Las Vegas offer organic or sustainable produce for reasonable prices. Just be sure to check where the produce is from. It doesn’t do much good to eat an organic plum that has traveled from Chile to get to us. Eating sustainable also means eating seasonally. The Sustainable Table is an excellent resource for sustainable eating.


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February 16 :: Wrap it up and warm it up!

Keep your hot water stocked by wrapping your water heater in an insulation blanket. Take it a step further by insulating your pipes. Or, give the water heater a break by switching to cold water in the laundry. Instead of using the dryer, give your clothes an added boost of freshness by line drying them in the sunshine instead of throwing them in the dryer.

Wrapping your water heater can save 1,000 pounds of CO2, using the cold setting on the washing machine saves 80% on energy and an estimated $60, and hanging clothes to dry saves 700 pounds of CO2 each year.

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Welcome to Project Green : The Blog

Welcome to our Blog! This will be a place where you can stay up to date on the hottest ways to stay green and reduce your impact on the environment. As often as we can we’ll be posting various tips, products and resources to introduce into your lifestyle so that you can say you are doing your part to save the polar bears / rainforest / whales / [insert your fave reason here] . If you would like to contribute an idea please feel free to send us an email at

We want to start this blog with a poll to get an idea of what is important to you

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